In Tucson, Arizona’s desert rock soundscape, Silver Thread Trio plays the standout role of the muse. Soulful and sultry, they inject a softness and grace into a music scene that readily soaks up what they have to offer in the way of ethereal vocal arrangements that can soften the hardest of hearts. Their seamless three-part harmonies are their signature, and they breathe new life into century-old gospel, folk, and bluegrass tunes, charming audiences with every performance. They are an arresting, original alt-Americana act.

The angelic voices behind Silver Thread Trio are washboard-strumming Caroline Isaacs, banjo-plucking Gabrielle Pietrangelo, and guitar-playing Laura Kepner-Adney.


Hey folks!

We’re taking a break this Summer, trying to cool down in this crazy Tucson heat.

Thanks, as always, for your support, and we’ll see you in the Fall!




Trigger & Scythe [2012]

Trigger & Scythe [2012]

Trigger & Scythe [2012]

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