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In Tucson, Arizona’s desert rock soundscape, Silver Thread Trio plays the standout role of the muse.
Soulful and sultry, they inject a softness and grace into a music scene that readily soaks up what
they have to offer in the way of ethereal vocal arrangements that can soften the hardest of hearts. Their
seamless three-part harmonies are their signature, and they breathe new life into century-old gospel,
folk, and bluegrass tunes, charming audiences with every performance. They are an arresting, original
alt-Americana act.

The angelic voices behind Silver Thread Trio are washboard-strumming Caroline Isaacs, banjo-
plucking Gabrielle Pietrangelo, and guitar-playing Laura Kepner-Adney. When they aren’t busy
mesmerizing audiences on stage, Isaacs runs a non-profit social justice organization, Pietrangelo is a
yoga instructor and music teacher, and Kepner-Adney makes jewelry and tends bar.

The trio met in 2006, while singing in Old Soul Sisters, an a cappella vocal ensemble directed and founded by Pietrangelo during her senior year at the University of Arizona School of Music. The newly formed threesome initially intended to hit the wedding gig circuit. Their very name, Silver Thread Trio, was the respectable moniker chosen while pursuing this musical avenue. When they realized the love songs in their repertoire often ended in tragedy and despair, they decided it was time to ditch the nuptials and involve themselves in the local music scene.

No stranger to collaborative efforts, Silver Thread Trio has contributed vocals for local and national
acts such as Brian Lopez, Howe Gelb, Marianne Dissard, Ryanhood, Calexico, and Amos Lee.

Trigger and Scythe, their highly anticipated sophomore release, is the follow-up to their stunning 2008
self-titled debut. Thanks to an exceedingly successful Kickstarter campaign, the Tucson community
eagerly helped them raise almost twice the amount they needed to produce this latest record. They have
tapped engineer Jim Waters (who recorded Sonic Youth in the 1990s) to oversee production, and are
going all-out to capture the essence of their sound. They have toured extensively all over the state of
Arizona and have plans to expand their reach to a wider national and international audience.

To learn more about Silver Thread Trio, visit their web site at

RIYL: The Be Good Tanyas, The Wailin’ Jennys, Po’ Girl

Written by Mel Mason


Press Photos:

Photos by Dani Valdez
Photo manipulation by Ryan Trayte
Hair by Loreto Echevarria
Makeup by Lauren Malanga and Loreto Echevarria